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Support for young asylum seekers and refugees

Young asylum seekers and refugees can arrive at any age, from a wide range of countries of origin, with varied educational experiences, different travel routes and with family or friends or alone. Fair Futures CIC supports the educational, social and mental health needs of these young people.

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Young asylum seeker and refugee group

Fair Futures' Young Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group offers a safe social space and learning and recreational opportunities to young male asylum seekers and refugees aged 15-19. The group offers emotional and mental health support through preventative activities, focused discussion, identification of risk and outreach support from our therapist or referral to appropriate providers and specialists. 


Currently, most members of the group are unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people and so have reduced support networks. The members of the group are from a range of countries of origin. The group is based in Bury, but some members travel to it from neighbouring areas of Greater Manchester.

The group has developed, and continues to develop to meet the needs and interests of group members. Where possible, funding is sought to run learning and social activities requested by the group. Activities available currently and previously to group members include:

Boxing classes

GCSE English class

GCSE Maths class

Volunteering/ work experience and IT class through the Recycle for GM project

Our CIC has joined with other charities and provided members with free bikes as a way of supporting their wellbeing and ability to travel.

Refer a young person to the Young Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group

Commissioned work for schools, colleges, virtual schools and social care services

Fair Futures CIC provides face to face, online and hybrid teaching to young asylum seekers and refugees, commissioned by other agencies. Teaching is offered for English as an additional language, ESOL, and any academic curriculum subjects. This can take place at Fair Futures' premises in Bury, at a council building, such as a public library, or at a school or college. Fair Futures' teachers and bilingual support workers are experience at teaching classes, groups and individual students and at teaching in partnership or collaboratively with school or college staff to provide accessible, language-focused lessons for classes including young asylum seekers and refugees.

Enquire about teaching for young asylum seekers and refugees


Contact us to find out more about how we can work together to support young asylum seekers and refugees.

 Tel: 07731402276

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