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Book an interpreter or translator here

Book an interpreter or translator here

Interpreting and Translation

Fair Futures provides interpreting and translation in a wide range of languages. Almost all of our staff have considerable experience of working in schools and with children and families.

Book an interpreter or translator here

Face to face interpreting

Our interpreters are available for face to face interpreting within Greater Manchester. With their education background, they can interpret confidently at a range of meetings, from parents' evenings to SEN reviews. Cost includes meeting and travel time and expenses.

Short standard translation 

Written translation of short standard school letters is at a flat rate. Send us your logo and/or letterhead and we'll send you the dual language letter ready to print.

Recorded translation

Using first languages for learning is an important strategy in ensuring access to the curriculum and age-appropriate development for emergent bilingual learners. Having recorded texts from short instructions and prompts to whole stories or nonfiction texts can be invaluable, particularly for pupils who are not literate in their first language. Fair Futures can translate and record sound files for you to use in the classroom, subject to copyright.

Online or phone interpreting

Interpreting via Teams, Zoom or phone makes setting up your meeting easier wherever you are. Fair Futures interpreters can join meetings online, be online to interpret when others are together in a face to face meeting, or interpret on the phone on a three-party conversation. Fair Futures can set up the online/phone meeting for you if needed.


Fair Futures translators can translate longer or more specific translation, specialising in education content. Their experience in this area means they can convey meaning accurately in texts from Bring your wellies tomorrow to EHCPs.

Languages available

Urdu                   French

Polish                  Italian

Cantonese           Portuguese

Mandarin             Greek

Farsi                   Russian

German              Lithuanian

Swahili               Gujerati

Turkish               Japanese

Book an interpreter or translator here

What Our Clients Say

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Fair Futures

Our interpreters and translators all have enhanced DBS clearance. 

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